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Mythical Dragons
These dragons are the scarcest and most strong in all Dragolandia. Lt’s every dragon trainer’s dream see what powerful powers their union might unlock and to gather all the various kinds of mythical Dragons on their Isle.

Chief Dragons
It’s possible for you to earn the esteem of a Chief Dragon by conquering it in conflict, whereupon they’ll if supplied a suitable Habitat be willing to more to your Isle. They no longer want to?ght, but their existence will inspire more Gold to pick up to impress them.

Who is aware of what treasure their handy dragons as well as a courageous explorer mig

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Habitats are houses that relax and your dragons use to train. You can promote it to place more dragons and enable them to accumulate

more Gold, after you have assembled a Habitat.

A Temple dedicated to their component may be the thing, if a dragon is refusing to level upwards.

The Portal Site in your Isle functions as a magic doorway to reach various places in Dragolandia. The three types of energy it uses are: for traveling to fight other dragon flight simulators Arena Energy Portal Energy, for journeying to the Effort Map; and Small Time Occasion Energy, used simply for Occasions.

Friendship Totem
The Friendship Totem gives Societal Points for every single social action you whole

with other dragon trainers in Dragolandia to you. Collection enough Societal Points will give benefits that are special. The Friendship Totem can be updated to unlock better benefits

As dragon preparing fell out of favor care of our Isle was failed, plus it is starting to get a bit overgrown. We will have to start clearing these hurdles if we would like to utilize our Isle to greatest effect. A number of them might take a while…

Investigating the Ruins
On your own Archipelago, you can find cryptic ruins worthy of investigation. The guardian spirits of every ruin just let dragons that are specific to enter them, so you will have to gather the right party of three dragons to enter and search for treasure, after you have unlocked the ruin.

Pursue him and his minions out of Dragolandia and to overcome the Dunlcelviking, you will must win many conflicts. Winning conflicts needs strong dragons and great elemental strategy. Amount up your dragons to make them more powerful,

and educate strong abilities at the School to gain a tactical edge to them.


Dragons update them at the School, and even can learn powerful skills to be used in conflict. Each element has its very own unique ability, and abilities can be learnt by crossed dragons with numerous components for every one of them. At the maximal amount of a skill, you can select between two types, determined by which best meets your fighting style.

Abilities can be taught by ability Command You at the School to your dragons. Each Ability has 6 degrees, the ?nal amount being Command. Abilities acquired to the Command level supply added functionality in conflict. It’s possible for you to select between two Ability Command for each component.

Training a Winner

Dragon Hire
Buddies can add their support by letting their dragons are hired by you for conflict.
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